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How to set up a client contract?
How to set up a client contract?

The client's contract is the basis for billing. Uku can create an invoice for the client and send it directly to their mailbox.

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After adding the products, you can start setting up client contracts.

  1. Select "Clients" from the main menu

  2. Select the client to whom you want to add a contract

  3. Select "Billing" from the header

  4. Select the "Contracts" tab

  5. Click the "+ ADD CONTRACT" button

A new contract creation view opens. โ€‹

Choosing the time period in billing

Billing can be done on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. You can choose the date of the invoice yourself - by default it is the last day of the billing month, but you can also choose the date of drawing up the contract or a freely chosen calendar day.

  • Enter the date from which the invoices are generated as the start date of the period.

  • If the end date is not selected, the contract is open-ended.

Products in billing

Choose the products that are part of the customer contract. The selection includes all products entered under the company's invoicing app, and if necessary, you can also create and add a new product yourself.


Client contract settings

In addition to entering the contract, its terms must also be determined. To do this, go to the billing tab "Settings".

Most fields are set to 'Company default', meaning that the defaults are the choices made under the billing app settings. If necessary, the agreements made with the customer can be selected.

  • Invoice description - Text that is added to each customer's invoice.

  • Summarize invoice rows - This option sums several invoice lines into one and consolidates them under the specified name.

  • Invoice to the parent companyโ€”If the customer has a parent company, the invoice can be set to be submitted to that company.

  • Invoice from the same period - If the customer has several active contracts, it is possible to specify that one invoice be created instead of two. For example, if there is a quarterly and a monthly contract, then one invoice is created in the month when the system should create a quarterly invoice.

  • Default Resource/Project/Cost Center - If a customer has been selected, this resource will be used for all products in the customer contract.


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