Magic buttons
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With one click, add a new task and start the timer. Magic buttons allow you to insert urgent work (phone call, email) conveniently. That ensures tasks are inserted into Uku properly.

Magic buttons are available to all members of the paid package.

How to set up?

  • Create a maximum of 8 magic buttons - 4 company and 4 personal shortcuts.

  • Set up shortcuts in the "Settings &Apps" under the Magic buttons app.

  • Under the settings you can:

    1. add new buttons

    2. choose which buttons you want to see

    3. change the order

How to use them?

  • Magic buttons are displayed if you move to the + button in the header with the cursor.

  • Click on the magic button will create a new task and start the timer simultaneously.

  • Modify the client or other information afterward.

  • Continue with the previous task that you can quickly access from the magic buttons list.

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