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How to activate and set up Emails app?
How to activate and set up Emails app?
Improve your communication with Email app.
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To activate the Email app navigate to the App Store, open the Email app, and activate it.

By default, emails go out from To send emails from your company's email addresses, you need to connect them to Uku. All users can add email addresses, but only the people who have added them and administrators can change the added addresses.

If you have connected the Emails app to your mailbox, you can see the mails sent from Uku in the sent mail folder of your mailbox.

To add your company email address, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Emails app's settings.

  2. Select "Connect your email address".

  3. Select the service provider.

To connect your Gmail or Microsoft 365 email, click on the corresponding icon. Follow the instructions, and Uku will fill in the fields for you.

However, if you want to connect to another email server, click on the blue link under the icons and fill in the fields manually. Fill in the fields and press "Send test email". If you receive the test email and everything is correct press "Save".

  • The fields on the left are personal everyone should fill them in themselves.

  • The fields on the right are company-specific. You can ask your company's IT person's help to fill them in if necessary. The administrator can also pre-populate these fields for others by filling in the fields and turning on Set as the company's default server.

  • The reply address does not have to be the same as the sender's email. You can send all replies to a different address, for example, to the general email.

"Who can use it?"

Everyone - All members of the company can use these email addresses. For example, you can give everyone access to the company's general email

Member - Personal email addresses can be used only by the person who added them. Administrators can change and delete personal email settings but cannot use other people's email addresses.

Client member - If you want to send mail to different clients from different addresses, it is reasonable to set up client-specific email addresses. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Add an email address in the App Store and select "Client user" from settings.

  2. Open the client profile and navigate to the section Email addresses for communication.

  3. Click "+ Add".

  4. Pick an email from the drop-down menu. Uku doesn't show public or private emails on the list. If you can't find a suitable address, you can add it here. To do that, click on the email service provider's icon or blue link and follow the instructions.

  5. Once you have added a new address, you can select it from the drop-down. You can also pick several emails.

  6. You can change the email settings by clicking on the pen icon. Among other things, you can set a client's default address. Once you have set the client's default address, you can select "Client's default" when filling in the "from" field. Uku will then send out the email from the address you have set as the default.

When you are going to send an email under the client's task to whom you have set the client default address, you will see the following options:

  • Email addresses added to the client

  • Your company's email address that everyone can use

  • The client's default address

NB! If you choose the "Client's default" option, make sure to set one address as the client's default. You can do it on the client profile's section Email addresses for communication. If you don't select the client's default email address, then Uku delivers emails to the client from the client's default member's address. If this is also not specified, Uku won't send the email.

If you start to pick a sender to a client's email to whom you haven't selected a client member address, you will see a shorter list of options.

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