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How to create, edit, and delete email templates?
How to create, edit, and delete email templates?

Email templates ensure fast and correct client communication.

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If you often have to send emails with similar content to clients, it is time-saving to create email templates.

How to add email templates?

  1. Open the Emails app and navigate to the "Templates" tab.

  2. Click "+ Add".

  3. Give a template name.

  4. Decide who can use the template - only you or everyone in the company. You cannot change it afterward.

  5. Add a subject and content. You can translate the template into different languages. Uku chooses the email language based on the language assigned to the client on the client profile.

  6. Click on the A-shaped icon to open the formatting tools.

  7. By clicking next to the formatting icon, you will see a list of placeholders that you can use in the template. Placeholders will be automatically replaced with the correct match when you send the message. In this way, you can create universal templates that suit every client.

  8. When the template is ready, click Save.

Only the administrators can add, edit, and delete public templates. Other members can add, edit, and delete personal emails.

How to edit email templates?

  1. Open the Templates tab from the Emails app.

  2. Click on the pen icon.

How to delete email templates?

  1. Open an email template.

  2. Click on the three dots icon and select "Delete template".

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