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Task statuses

How to filter tasks by status

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The statuses help distinguish between done, to do, delayed, starts, and overdue. With the help of statuses, you can conveniently monitor and filter tasks as needed. You can also keep an overview of undone tasks as deadlines approach.

Status-based task tracking on the desktop

First, click on the filter icon in the right corner of the dashboard.

Then choose the status of the task based on which you want to filter the desktop.

You can filter tasks in the report and calendar based on a similar logic.

Task statuses

  • Delayed - tasks that still need to be completed and whose deadline has passed.

  • Done - tasks that have been completed on time

  • Overdue - tasks that have been marked as done after the deadline.

  • Starts - tasks that start on selected day

  • To-do - tasks that are currently undone. Including tasks whose deadline has not yet arrived and tasks whose deadline has passed.

Task statuses are created by the system and are updated automatically according to the phase of the task.,

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