Time is money! But not always. You can choose whether the time you enter is billable or not.

  • Billable - the time you want to reflect in the customer's invoice.

  • Non-billable - time that is not charged at an hourly rate.

Note: Billable and non-billable time must also be configured in the customer contract or contract template.

How to set billable and non-billable time?

When entering the time in the task below, you can choose whether it is a billable or non-billable time by clicking on the green Bitcoin icon. The billed time is highlighted green in the time calculation window on the left.

Billed time in the report

You can also see the billable and non-billable times in the report. To do this, select "Report" from the main menu and activate the corresponding columns from the three-columns button in the header.

To implement billable and non-billable time in a contract, it is necessary to configure it when creating a product or service.

  1. Select "App store" from the main menu.

  2. Open "Billing" and select "Products"

To modify a product, click on the pencil icon on the right, and from the "Billable time" menu, select which time entries you want to reflect in the contract.

You can read more about creating products here.

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