Bulk actions with clients

Add templates, edit members, jobs, monitoring, and run integrations at once.

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Bulk actions with clients

Add templates to multiple clients at once

In the client list, you can perform the following bulk actions:

  1. Contract actions

  2. Edit members

  3. Edit jobs

  4. Edit monitoring

  5. Run integration

It is possible to add contracts and templates for multiple clients simultaneously.

  1. Select "Clients" from the main menu.

  2. Mark the desired clients.

Actions with contracts

Add, replace or append contracts for multiple clients using templates. Specifying from which date the new template will be valid is mandatory.

Edit members

Modify templates

Read more

Change monitoring

Import data

This selection will appear and data can be imported if you have set up an integration with accounting software. Read more about how to set up integrations.

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