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How to activate and set up Projects app?
How to activate and set up Projects app?

Set up the projects app to manage project-based work

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How to activate the Projects app?

  1. Open Settings & apps

  2. Open the Projects app

  3. Activate

Set up project fields

By activating the app, the system automatically creates the fields shown below.

The field 'Name' is systemically mandatory; for the rest of the fields, you can decide whether they are mandatory when adding a project. If a field is not mandatory, you can choose whether it is shown when adding a project. 'In list' specifies whether the value is displayed in the overview list of projects.

To add a new field, click "+ Add new field".

Select the input type. The following options are available in the selection of project field types:

  • Yes/No - If selected, then 'Yes'

  • User - A list of active users where you can make one choice

  • Date - A specific date that can be selected from the calendar

  • Multiple users - A list of active users where multiple selections can be made

  • Multiple choices - Predefined options where multiple choices can be made

  • Number - Number with decimal places

  • Long text - You can enter text up to 1000 characters

  • Text - Notes or other text, up to 100 characters

  • Integer

  • Choice - Predefined options where you can make a single choice

What is the significance of the field type 'Date' in projects?

If you set the date type field as mandatory, this field must always be filled in the project attachments. It is also possible to make the project task depend on a date type field (e.g. the start of the project).

What is the significance of the 'User' field type in projects?

If 'User' is selected as a project field type, the given user role can be set as a task assignee in the workflow template. When adding a project later, certain member(s) can be matched with a given user role, and the task in the project will be assigned to the selected user.

Check app settings

  1. When activating the app, 3 project statuses are created - Pending, In progress and Done. If needed, add or change existing statuses.

2. How to set project phases?
You can choose when the given task will occur in the project task. For example, 2 days before the start of the project, according to the setting, the task is red on the desktop, indicating that the task needs attention.

On the dashboard and client card, project tasks can be distinguished by the colour at the end of the row and the project label. If you want, create your own colour system to get a quick overview of which tasks have higher priority.

3. Under rights, choose whether the company's regular members can add and change workflow templates.

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