April 2024

NEW APP! Project management is available.

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  • NEW APP! Project management Separate additional services and one-time projects from your everyday accounting work. Add your own company project workflows or use Uku’s templates to set up client or employee onboarding as a new project. Assign a member, group or user role to a task already in the workflow template. Set the tasks to be dependent from the start of the project instead of some specific day of the month. Read more about how to use project management for accountants.

  • Billing – Enabled several popular currencies that can be used to invoice your clients – do let us know if you need more

  • Members – New way to add new colleagues – limited members. Fully set up your practice in Uku before inviting your colleagues. Limited members are team members whom you are setting up to use every Uku feature but who don’t actually have access to Uku yet and that you, therefore, don’t have to pay for. You can assign them to clients and tasks, set up their flextime agreements and vacations, collaborate with them on projects and more. Once you’re ready, simply invite them, and they will become active paid members of your company in Uku.


  • Google login – Log in & sign up with Google are working again. Made some changes to login and signup processes to accommodate for recent changes in Google’s API which had made logging into Uku with Google impossible for some users.

  • Quickbooks – Made it possible to import more than 100 customers from QuickBooks

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