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How to add a new project?
How to add a new project?
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  1. To add a new project, go to the 'Projects' view in the main menu

  2. When adding a project, mandatory fields are marked with *
    - The project is accessible to all members who also have access to the selected client

    1. Here, you can match a member role with a specific member

  3. Next, choose a workflow for the project, either from the company's or Uku's templates

  4. Review the tasks of the selected workflow. If needed, change assignees or set the task's time dependence on the project.

  5. If necessary, add tasks to the workflow manually

    Mandatory fields for entering a task:

    • Title

    • Member - set it as a user, group or user role

    • Required project status - define what the project status must be for the task to be shown on the dashboard

      In the example below, the task will not appear on the desktop until the project status is 'In progress'.

    • Start/Due - choose which project's time value the task is related to

  6. Confirm project workflow

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