May 2024

NEW INTEGRATION! Tripletex is available

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  • NEW INTEGRATION! — Tripletex

    • Import clients, contacts, and changes to existing clients and contacts

    • Import products and related articles, VAT rates and units

    • Export invoices and import their payment status back to Uku

  • Clients Rebuilt the client sidebar into a helpful companion that can be called upon wherever you work with a client, client’s invoices or projects. The sidebar contains all master data you collected for the client and its contacts and includes shortcuts to edit or view related reports.

  • Clients — Manage your company as a client as you would any other client. You can fill in client fields, describe contact information, restrict access to this client to select members or make internal time tracking mandatory.

  • Calendar — Create your own events and holidays for your company. Under your company app, you can broadcast company-wide information, add company holidays, or add national holidays that Uku is not aware of and have them show up in the calendars of all your team members.

  • Calendar — We know how important it is to maintain personal relationships with your clients and within your team. Remember to congratulate your members and clients by having their birthdays and client contacts’ birthdays appear in your Uku calendar.


  • Clients Several improvements were made to importing clients or contacts from Excel.

    • Fields with one or multiple users can be updated from Excel.

    • Only values defined in client or contact fields will be accepted when importing data into choice fields.

    • Importing multiple contacts for a new client will create the client and put all contacts under this client.

    • A client’s parent company can be imported from Excel and is matched by name.

    • Improved performance of client import when working with large datasets with many clients and fields.

    • Additionally, import results have been improved to highlight clients and fields that failed to import successfully.

  • Clients Clients in the client list can be filtered by date fields so that you can filter out clients nearing the end of the financial year or account statements due and make sure that everything is under control.

  • Clients The window to edit a client note expands automatically to fit the note, making it easier to work with longer notes.

  • Clients The user will remain in the client task plan after changing it, so it’s easy to review the changes or make more changes.

  • Calendar Vacations and birthdays can be grouped in the calendar to free up more space for tasks.

  • Calendar Full-day leaves and events are shown on one day regardless of what time zone they were created in or what is the time zone of the viewer.

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