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How does communication between the accountant and the client work?
How does communication between the accountant and the client work?
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Accountants can direct tasks to clients. For example, the task "Please send me receipts".

  • If an accountant wants to direct the task to the client through the client portal, the accountant clicks on "Assign" to send it to the client.

  • If the task is new or unread, the client sees it in bold.

PS! Approximately 5 minutes after assigning the task, the customer will receive an email notification informing that a task is awaiting in the customer portal. The 5-minute pause allows the accountant to update the task or remove it from the customer's side.

Clients can upload files (max file size 10 MB) and add comments, messages or questions through the client portal. The accountant can also reply to the client through the portal, so everyone saves time from writing and reading endless emails.

Clients see the task checklist, files and description just like the accountant.

When writing comments and messages, Uku members can choose whether it is an internal comment only for their office employees or a portal message the client can see.

If you would like to answer to the customer, click on the reply button and insert your answer.

You can also set task deadlines; if the deadline has passed, it's red in the customer portal.

You can assign both one-time and recurring tasks to the client.

When a client marks a task as done, it does not automatically become done for the accountant. However, the accountant can set automatic completion for the task. In this case, the task is marked as done by the accountant if the client marks it as done by them.

Requests from a client to an accountant using Uku

The client can send requests to the accountant, and they will receive a notification. The request is seen by everyone to whom it is directed: the member responsible for the client, the admin member, and the company owner. Then, if you wish, you can change the request to a task.

When do accountants get notifications from the client portal?

  • The customer creates a new request in the customer portal;

  • A public message is added to the task or request;

  • The client completes a task that the accountant has not yet completed;

When do clients get notifications from the client portal?

  • They have an assigned task

  • Their task has a comment

  • The task is withdrawn from the client portal.

What can a client do in their profile?

Clients can change their contact details and notification settings in the portal.

Meanwhile, if the client changes their contact details or name, they show on the Uku member form.

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