To add clients in bulk, find Clients from the main menu. Instead of adding one client, choose "Import clients" from three dot menu:

On the next page it's possible to download a sample file. Push a button "Download a sample file" that saves a CSV file to your computer:

You'll have to delete all rows as in CSV file there is no header.

We recommend opening the file with OpenOffice as Excel may (depending on it's settings) save the file in wrong format.

Column A is for client's name and it's mandatory. You can change the name later.

Column B is for template name. You can add your own template or use a plan made for your client (in that case enter client's name). You can leave this column empty to add a template later.

Column C is for main user of this client and it's mandatory. If address is not found under your company account, the user will receive an invitation.

Column D is for name of the main user and it's also mandatory.

Column E is for client's mark that can consist of 1 to 3 characters. If left empty, the system will use the first letter of your client. It can be changed later.

Column F is for notes about that client. Not mandatory to fill - you can add, edit and delete client's info later.

NB! Please delete all the example rows!

After all necessary data has been filled and file saved, you can upload it to Uku.

Uku then checks the uploaded file and gives feedback about any possible errors. If everything seems correct, push "Continue". Depending on how many clients you have it's possible that the import takes few minutes to complete. You can continue your work in the meantime.

When you have imported all the clients to Uku you can get the company details from Companies House. For that, move onto the "Edit" client page and select the country from the dropdown menu to be as United Kingdom if the client is from UK. 

After that Uku starts to suggest names of companies.

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