There are several ways to create a repeat task plan for a client. When working with a team, it makes sense to include templates under your company account that everyone can base their plans on. This way, you can use the same techniques, topics, and additional fields.

A company account is required to add a template. You can find the templates and how to add them by going to “Settings” in the main menu and selecting “Company account.” Templates are under task settings:

To add a new template, press “Edit,” then “+ Add Template.” The first step is to give the template a name that describes it as well as possible. Since it is possible to add multiple templates to a single client, you should consider creating smaller modules. Choosing the necessary modules will later create a plan that suits the client. 

The next step is either to choose to build on a template/existing plan or to create a template from scratch.

If you select “Create new template,” you can create a template from scratch by adding tasks one by one in the following view. You can return to the previous view by pressing “Choose a template.” In addition, to repeat tasks, you can add one-off tasks to the template.

In the case of tasks to be added to the template, the client or the performer will not be not specified; all other data can be completed, as is the case when adding any new task:

Created templates can be modified in the Company account settings. Templates can also be added to a client upon the import of the client list.

Multiple templates can be added per client.

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