Adding a topic to a task quickly gives you an idea of the type of work involved. Topics are account-based; that is, work teams can use a common topic, while personal accounts may have completely different options.

Adding a new account to an accounting-related company will immediately create a selection of topics. These should be reviewed and adapted to the needs of your office. To manage topics, go to the Company account settings in the settings menu.a.

You can add, edit, and delete topics under each account. Once a topic is already in use – that is, it is attached to a task – it cannot be deleted:

There is no limit to the number of topics, but only one topic can be assigned to each task.

In the client settings, you can specify that the use of topics is mandatory for this client. This will help you successfully avoid forgetting to add topics.

How does using topics make grouping easier?

If there are more than four tasks with the same topic and start time, they will be grouped together. So, if 30 tasks with a VAT label must be performed on the same day, they are conveniently grouped together on the dashboard.

Topics are also useful in a report where you can search for tasks on the same topic.

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