How to use topics?

Topics help to group tasks.

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Adding a topic to a task quickly gives you an idea of the work involved. Topics are account-based; work teams can use a common topic, while personal accounts may have completely different options.

Adding a new account to an accounting-related company will immediately create a selection of topics. These should be reviewed and adapted to the needs of your office.

You can add, edit and delete topics in the App Store. If necessary, Owner and Admin members in the App Store can disable adding new themes for regular members.

How do I add a topic?

  1. Select "Settings & Apps" from the main menu and click on the "Tasks" box.

  2. The topics view will open. To add a theme, click on the "+ ADD" icon. To edit or delete a topic, click on the pen icon at the end of the row.

You can have unlimited topics, but only one topic can be added to a task. Once a topic is attached to an assignment, it cannot be deleted but is archived. You can read about archiving topics here.

You can specify that topics are mandatory for this client under client settings in the Settings &Apps, under yor companies app. This way, employees remember to add topics so you can see a more detailed report.

Options for using topics

Dashboard - You can filter and group tasks on the dashboard by themes. When grouping, tasks with the same start time and theme are grouped together.

Report - You can filter and view tasks and the time spent on them by topic. You can read more about the report options here.

Billing - When creating a product or a service, you can add it a billed topic. This way, you can specify which tasks time tracking will be shown in the invoice. If no topic is assigned to a product, all topics will automatically be billed.

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