Deleting and archiving topics

Keep your list of topics up-to-date

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There are two ways to delete a topic from Uku. If the topic isn't connected to any tasks, you can permanently delete it. However, if the topic is related to some tasks, you don't have to remove it from each task separately. Instead, you can archive it. In the case of archiving, the information remains in the report.

Deleting topics helps keep the list of topics up-to-date and eliminates the possibility that the employee uses the wrong topic for tasks.

How to delete a topic?

1. Click on "Settings &Apps" from the menu and click on the "Tasks" app.

2. Click on the pencil icon next to the topic. In edit view you can also delete the topic selected. Before deleting, Uku asks if you are sure about the deletion. After confirming the deletion, it disappears from the list.

How to archive a topic?

  1. Follow the previous steps.

  2. Click on "Delete". Uku warns that the topic is in use and you can't delete it.

  3. Select "Archive"

If the topic is archived, you can see it under the "Topics" section of the "Tasks" menu. Click "View archive".

It is also possible to restore topics from the archive. The restored topic will appear back in the list of topics.

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