Occasionally, changes have to be made to the users assigned to the client. This can be done for a single client or for multiple clients at once. To do this, we've created a quick and convenient way to do this with a mass tool.

To make changes to multiple clients at once, select “Clients” from the main menu, select the required clients, select “Edit users” and make the desired change(s).

It is possible to add a new user, replace a user, and remove a user by specifying what change is needed and for which tasks. 

  • Add user 

If a new employee needs to be added to the client's users, select the desired user and, if necessary, specify what tasks are assigned to them.

  • Replace user

If another employee takes over the client, replace the user by defining whether to redirect plan tasks or also incomplete tasks.

  • Remove user

If the user no longer works for the company, they can conveniently be removed from the client's tasks.

Attention! If the user to be removed is the only user of the task, the task will be redirected to the company account owner.

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