How to use client groups?

Segment your clients according to your preference.

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Create client groups to segment clients. This way, you have an overview of the services offered to the client and the status of the client, for example, an alliance or potential client, an annual report client, a one-time service client, etc.

Customer segmentation is helpful for you in the report, where you can prepare reports based on different groups, monitor work performance, and how working time is spent for different customer segments.

How to create client groups?

To set up groups based on the company account, select "Settings & Apps" from the main menu and open the "Clients" app.

Click "+ ADD" to create a client group. Choose a name for the new client group and save it. There is no limit when creating groups; one client can belong to several groups.

If you want to change the name of the client group, click on the pencil next to the existing client group, and the same box as when adding a client group will open. In addition, a "Delete" button in the left corner allows you to delete the customer group.

NB! You can delete the groups to which no clients have been added. To delete a group, see which clients belong to it in the report and remove clients from this client group.

You can immediately use all the groups created for the company to group all existing and new clients.

Assigning a group to a client

Choose "Clients" from the main menu and choose the client you want to add to the group.

The corresponding client's profile opens. Click on the pencil icon next to the client's name to open client settings.

Under the settings, there is a drop-down menu with created client groups. If necessary, you can add the client to several client groups.

The groups assigned to the client are visible on the client profile under information.

Client groups in the report

Create reports on client groups. Select "Report" from the main menu. Click on the "+" sign on the right, and the filters view will open. Choose a client group filter.

Then a drop-down menu opens, where you can choose which client group you want to see.

Tip: After creating a report with the selected filters, it's a good idea to save it at the disc icon. Read more about saving reports. You can also save the report for the entire office.

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