Create client groups to segment your clients. By grouping clients, you have an overview of the services offered to the client and the status of the client.

You can make client segmentation work for you in a report that allows you to create reports based on different groups, and track job execution and time usage across different client segments.

Client groups in Uku

Client groups can be defined and added under the company account. There is no numerical limit to creating groups, and one client can belong to multiple groups. Created groups allow you to define clients based on whether they are existing or potential clients. You can change the groups you have created by changing the name or deleting them. You can delete groups that have no clients added. To delete a group, see from the report which clients belong to it and remove clients from this client group.

Creating client groups

To set up business account-based groups, do the following:
Settings > Accounts > Client settings> Edit

To add a client group, select "New client group" and enter the client group name and click “Save.”

If you want to change the name of the client group, click on the pencil next to the existing client group.

You can instantly use any group created for your company to group all existing and new clients.

Assigning a group to a client

Once you have successfully defined your business segments, it is time to divide your clients into groups.

To do this, select “Clients” from the main menu, and press the pencil at the end of the line to assign a group to the desired client. This will open the client editing view, where you can tick the groups defining this particular client using the drop-down menu.

Groups assigned to clients are visible on the client profile under the client's information.

Client groups in the report

Create reports from client groups in a report. To do this:

  • Click on the filter “Client” and then on “Groups ”

  • tick the client group or groups you want to see information about

  • specify a time period, and select a user, status, or topic

Tip: Once you have prepared a report with the selected filters, it is wise to save it for yourself. Learn more about saving reports. However, if you want to save the report across the office, you can also do that – a guide to saving the office report.

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