Companies House integration helps you to enter your client's data even more easily. Just enter the company's name, and Uku fills in the data automatically, according to the data inserted in Companies House.

How to set up Companies House integration?

  1. Select "Clients" from the main menu and "Add client." Make sure you select the United Kingdom as the country.

2. Under "Country," click on the "Setup Companies House fields" button.

NB! You only have to do this once. Next time you add a client, the custom fields are already visible.

3. Now the Companies House has integrated with Uku and custom fields appear.

4. Using the information from Companies House, Uku creates two tasks automatically: "Accounts" and "Confirmation." You can see them both on the dashboard and on the client's profile.

If you want to see those tasks automatically on your dashboard in the future, add a recurrence on the task's "Repeat" section. Learn how to set a recurrence here.

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