How to follow tasks?

Keep an eye on colleagues' tasks.

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If you want to keep up with your colleagues' tasks but avoid seeing them on your desktop, mark yourself as a follower of the task.

When creating a new task

Add a new task. By default, only you will be added as a task member. Click on the person icon and add the member of staff you want to create the task for. In the same menu, you can remove yourself from the task. Tick the "Follow" box and save by clicking the "Add" button.

On an already created task

Select the task you have already created and tick the "Follow" box. The change will be saved automatically.

In the client's task plan

If you want to follow recurring tasks of a specific client over a longer period of time, mark yourself as a follower of the task in client plan. You can do this by opening the task directly from the client's plan and ticking the 'Follow' box. The change will be saved automatically.

"Follow" filter

You can use the filter to sort out the tasks you have assigned yourself as a follower. Click on the filter icon on the right. Select the "Follow" filter from the menu that opens under the "+" sign.

After activating the "Follow" filter, only the tasks you are following will appear on the dashboard. To make the tasks easier to find, save the filter view.

Useful tip:

When a task is targeted to multiple members, you can choose if you want the task for yourself or to be removed from it. Click on your initials next to the person icon to open the menu.

If you select the "I'll take it" option, the others automatically become followers. If you select "Remove me," the other users will take over the task.

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