How to change a project?
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On the project card, you can enter notes related to the project, and under the logs, you can see who and what activities have been done related to the project.

How to change project workflow?

  • To add tasks to the project workflow, go to the edit workflow view from the 3-dot option or add tasks one by one from the header

How to change project status?

To change the status of a project, go to the project edit view.

  • Cancel - takes you to the workflow creation view. If necessary, add tasks that need to be done in related to project cancellation. Added tasks are shown on the dashboard.

  • Archive - tasks are not displayed on the dashboard after the project is archived.

  • Delete - only the owner of the company account can delete the project. Beforehand, it is necessary to delete all tasks related to the project.

The project can be reactivated and restored after cancellation and archiving.

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