Staying organized and keeping track of your activities is the key to keep everything under control.

By default, Uku shows the list of tasks until today to which you can add a calendar view, showing tasks of one or two weeks. 

The calendar can be called out by clicking on the calendar icon or using Alt+O combination. 

In the calendar view, you can arrange the tasks as you wish - just left click on the task and drag it as needed to the requested date and order.    

Marked and estimated time

When marking time and entering estimated time, numbers appear to the header of the calendar. 

The first number shows how much time has been running for the tasks on that day and how many tasks. When you need to see what exactly has been done on that day, press on the time and you are taken to the report and displayed all tasks.    

The second number shows how much time has been estimated for the day. You are shown how many tasks from that day the estimation has been entered to help you to organize your day better.  

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