How to save your dashboard?

Save your favourite dashboard view with filters you frequently use

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If you want an even better overview of the tasks on your dashboard and filter them in a way that suits you, you can use the dashboard search view and save it.

Filters are good to use when you want to differentiate:

  • Important tasks

  • Today's tasks

  • Tasks by client

  1. Click on the dashboard's filter icon at the top of the task list.

In this view, the following filtering options are available:

You can add filters by clicking on the '+' sign.

2. Once the appropriate dashboard with filters has been created, save the selection by clicking on the floppy disc icon.

3. The saved desktop can now also be marked as the default desktop, which is displayed every time you come to the desktop.

The saved dashboard is accessible by holding the cursor over 'Dashboard' in the main menu.

The default desktop is recognizable by the '#' symbol and bold font.

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